An investment process on its own will not deliver satisfactory results unless those employed to carry out the various aspects of it are competent in their field.  For this reason we involve widely acknowledged expert organisations to carry out vital aspects of the management of your investment portfolio. We have put in place an investment proposition which involves active monitoring, regular fund selection and automatic rebalancing, carried out by some outstanding organisations; the use of which we believe will deliver real benefits for you. 

Before we introduce you to an outline of our  investment proposition for clients we thought you might like to know  that:

  • We have been investing clients’ money for 23 years

  • We currently handle about £100m of clients’ money   
  • Our typical investment clients have portfolios of investments and pensions of between £150,000 and £750,000 with us.  However we are also able to help those with more modest funds as well as cater for those who have portfolios of several £million.   
  • Whilst we will direct you to the most suitable type of investment we won’t be handling your money ourselves.  We partner with a number of specialist professional organisations who will each carry out part of the investment process.   
  • We will report to you regularly (usually quarterly) on your investment portfolio and recommend changes as and when required.  We will also advise you on the most tax efficient way to invest for your circumstances.   
  • We will clearly outline the charges for our services and strive to make sure that such charges are competitive against those offering a similar service.  All charges, whether ours or those of the professional organisations we use, will be transparent and so you should have no nasty surprises.    
  • We appreciate that your day-to-day world may not have a lot in common with the world of investments in which we move.  Therefore we will always strive to communicate with you in a language that you will understand, free of jargon and assumptions about your investment experience.   
  • We will always seek to deal with you in an open and straightforward manner.  Should you decide at any time that you would rather not use our services any more then we will continue to assist you in any way we can with the efficient transfer of your funds elsewhere.   
  • We will always seek your express permission in writing (email is fine) before moving your money from one fund to another.  The only exception to this is where automatic rebalancing is applied to your portfolio to keep the agreed level of risk to your capital from increasing (or decreasing) over time.   
  • Our directors, together with a number of our advisers and administrators use this investment process for their own money. 
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